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Bernina Embroidery Software 8 DesignerPlus

Creativity with Color PhotoStitch and 3D embroidery designs

Our cutting-edge software is equipped with numerous innovative functions and features. Here, we provide you with an overview of what your preferred software is capable of, and tell you all about the advantages of the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.

New Features

General Features
  • Embroidery Library with search capability
  • Separate folder for designs and machine files
  • New thread charts added
  • New Benartex fabrics added
  • USB stick for software installation
  • Product key for software activation


  • Hoop templates for design positioning
  • BERNINA E16 hoops included

Three-Dimensional (3D) Designs

  • Couching
  • CutWork

Thread Palette Selection

  • My Threads docker


  • Automatic kerning for distinctive Fonts


  • Monogram Template Designs

Edit and Customize

  • Layout to Work Area / Quilt Block
  • Copy and apply object properties
  • Duplicate with or without offset
  • Array and Reflect Mirror Merge tools
  • Knife tool to cut filled objects
  • Basting Stitch Marker and Graphic Markers

View Designs

  • Design tabs
  • Hoop templates
  • Show Work Area / Quilt Block
  • Travel toolbar
  • Design grouped, when opened

Edit Stitch Functions

  • Always tie-off and trim


  • Cut buttonhole slit


  • Create Appliqué with CutWork

Stitch Effects

  • 3D Globe Effect for pattern fills
  • Elastic Fancy Fill
  • Alternating Pattern Fills
  • Quilting Backgrounds

Stitch Types (Fills and Outlines)

  • Sculptured Run Outline
  • Zigzag Outline

Auto Digitizing

  • Color PhotoStitch
  • Magic Wand Block Digitizing
  • Magic Wand Fill without Holes
  • Magic Wand Centerline Trace
  • Selectable Magic Wand color matching methods


  • Save designs in the all new V8 ART format

Other Features

  • Right-click menu for object editing
  • Feedback Reporter to report software issues